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Volunteer Opportunities

Thinking of joining EMCAs Board of Directors


EMCA (Eastern Manitoba Concert Association) was formed in 1973 to bring a variety of quality concerts to the Eastman area for modest prices. It is a non-profit organization, run solely by volunteers.  

What does the board do?
    The board governs and manages the operations of EMCA. There are a variety of “jobs” that are divided up amongst the board. At present, we have 16 members. A board member is expected to commit to a three year term.  A new board member may start as being a “Member-at-large” until they see a position that suits them or jump right into a vacant role.

Board Member Positions?

What is the responsibility of a board member?
    We do have a set of By-Laws. In general, each board member is expected to attend regular meetings which are normally held the week prior to a concert. Additional meetings are held when necessary. Each member at a meeting has a vote for motions that are brought forward, except the chairperson who only votes in a tie.  When issues arise between meetings, emails may be used to make decisions.  Board members are also invited to take on specific positions as outlined above.


Where is EMCA going?

    We developed a strategic plan with Winnipeg River Community Futures, Hanna Lussier in 2023. 

How to Join?

   If you are interested in joining this dynamic group of people, please let a current board member know or email us at

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