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Board Members - 2019 

Terry Hayward President  -  Sponsorship (Chair),  User Group Rep
Rich Hamon Vice President - Sound (Manager), Program Selection (Chair)
Mark Bautista Treasurer - Merchandise (Chair)
Marg Stokes Secretary
Garry Stokes Sound
Tanis Thomas Publicity (Chair),  Artist Liaison
Barrie Burnett Stage (Manager),  User Group Rep
Gail Shillinglaw House (Manager),  Piano Coordinator,  Scholarships
Bonnie Johnson Artist Liaison (Chair),  Program Selection
Florence Campbell Artist Liason
Judy Platford Reception (Chair),  Scholarships
Derrek Owen Program Selection,  Photographer
Martha Froese Merchandise,  Program Selection,  Scholarships
Denise van den Bussche Membership (Chair),  Tickets,  Door Sales
Lori Evenden Social Media (Chair), Program Selection
Bill Klassen Sound,  Technical Asst.
Rebecca Tinant Student Member
Sophie Long Student Member
Bob McCamis Web Site
George Poole Sound
John Tait Lighting Manager (interim)
Raquel Bautista Artist Liaison
Steve Sheppard Sponsorship
Tom Town Sound

2019 Annual General Meeting

A VERY short (approximately 10 - 15 minutes) Annual EMCA General Meeting was held immediately before the last Concert of the season  (Those Guys), as per the EMCA constitution. A downloadable copy of the  2019 AGM Agenda, the previous 2018 AGM's minutes, the present EMCA financial statement, and the previous 2018-2019 budget are available, below:

2018 AGM Minutes     2019 AGM Agenda     2019  Financial Balance Sheet     2018-2019 Budget


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